Here  are a few photos of some of my completed mandolins, more or less, newest to oldest. Some of the images are 
expandable by mousing over or clicking a link.They could be suitable for use as  wallpaper on your desk top or even 
proffessionally printed for framing.







No. 11416 on RR Tracks
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Custom ordered features include, Apitius "Honeyburst" shading, subtly shaded burled Madrone headstock veneers,

Rubner™ "Luxury" tuning machines, EVO™ fret-wire, Apitius "Fleur de Torch"© headstock inlay and Ebony bridge with burled Madrone accents.




Pictured above, "Yorkville" Jazz Model mandolin #11116 in its natural habitat.

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Yorkville Jazz Model - Alternate poster


It's Here! The new Pickford's catalog.




I couldn't resist this one.











Mandolin #10305

Photo by David Wren

Courtesy of “The Twelfth Fret”











































Mandolin # 9904

Photo by David Wren

Courtesy of “The Twelfth Fret"

































Mandolin # 7800

Photo by David Wren

Courtesy of “The Twelfth Fret”




















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Mandolin # 1030

(Neck and fingerboard modifications done by owner)

Photo by David Wren

Courtesy of “The Twelfth Fret”



















Above: Mandolin # 9804 with many custom features as ordered by client. Options include,

shaded pumpkin blonde finish, shaded burl veneers on peghead front and back with matching pick-guard,

peghead bound on front and back, abalone truss rod cover, Waverly™ tuning machines,

three piece neck, custom headstock inlay of engraved pearl and abalone and snowflake position markers.





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Mandolin # 9604

Photo Credit: Mandolin Bros.


















Mandolin # 10505 Front and Back







Here are a couple of images that are suitable as wallpaper for your desktop. The black background helps conserve energy consumed by your screen.









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