Three Voices, One Level of Quality



I am happy to announce that Apitius mandolins are now available in three distinct voices to suit your style and needs perfectly. As always, whether you choose an A, an F or a J model, the sound quality and playability will always be at the highest level.


The Original "Apitius Sound"™

The sound that has been used by many well known musicians for decades. The "Apitius Sound" is rich in overtones with an incredible dynamic range and plenty of sustain. It is my most versatile voice that is at home in a wide range of musical styles, from bluegrass to jazz and everything in between. If you play several different styles or just like a mandolin that has the heart of a grand piano, the original Apitius sound is the one that can do it all and it's the one that comes standard with all of my F and A models from the Rosine to the Grand Classic.

The Loar Spec™.

For those who play pimarily, hard driving, traditional Monroe style mandolin and want to capture that distinctive Monroe sound, my new "Loar Spec." or "LS" is the way to go. After studying the graduations of 6 different Loar signed F-5s, I have come up with a graduation pattern that captures the essence of what they were doing nearly 100 years ago. The LS is "mid-range-y" with a narrower overtone profile and an agressive bark. If my original sound is like a grand piano, then the LS is like a great upright piano, perfect for banging out Ragtime and Barrel house music. Any of my A* and F models can be ordered with LS voicing. In addition, unless otherwise requested, the LS designation comes standard with a 29 fret, flat fingerboard and vintage style narrow fret wire.

For more information on the Loar Spec™ option, please go to my blog post of August 19, 2019 here.

The Jazz Models.

The Apitius Jazz Models were specifically created with the needs of the jazz mandolinist in mind. With 10% more air volume and a larger functioning sound board area than my As and Fs, the jazz models deliver a warmer, mellower tone with sustain for days. My J-models have been recognised by the likes of jazz master, Don Siernberg and Downbeat Magazine

*Note: My A-model mandolins are patterened after an F-5 body shape as opposed to to an A-4 as was done on the one and only Loar signed A-5. (known as "The Griffith Loar) An "LS" designation applied to one of my A-models, will apply LS graduations and voicing to my A-style body.


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